Sunday, May 31, 2009


Much better today! My nutrition beforehand was A-OK. I could have used a little more energy but that's to be expected in the first classes. I'm just happy to be back. I had absolutely no headache after class this time. I'm pretty sure my first class back was a little too hot. That would wipe anybody out but especially me :) I actually noticed that the owner of the studio was practicing near me and she had a gigantic pool of sweat surrounding her mat. Today's class was hot but not overwhelming. Honestly, though, proper hydration is essential.

I did okay but I didn't get any compliments. I shouldn't need them but heck, it feels good. Once I get my groove back, I'll be compliment-worthy. Lame, lame, lame, I know. Tomorrow, I will venture to a noon class.

My First Day -- All Over Again

Well, lemme tell ya...I went to the new studio and holy sugar shacks! It was a stupid hard class for me. Before that class I hadn't practiced my yoga in over 2 weeks. I also was poorly hydrated and of course, being the mediocre eater that I am, I didn't have enough fuel in me. It sucked ass, to put it mildly. I made it though. I only sat down once, right after triangle pose. I sat through the first set of standing separate leg head to knee pose but managed to do the 2nd set. The reason I made sure I did that pose was because I knew if I got my head below my heart, I would feel better. If I have learned anything valuable, it's that I feel better when I get into the poses. I generally feel like shite if I sit or stand a pose out. A good stretch feels a million times better than doing nothing.

At the moment, I'm trying to get sufficiently hydrated and drinking a nutrient/protein-rich smoothie. Hopefully it will be just the right fuel I need to get through a 3pm class. It won't take long to get back on track but it'll take a couple classes to feel like normal again. I just hope I can practice when I go out to Alberta for a close to a week.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Studio

I haven't written in a while because I haven't done yoga in a while. Tomorrow I go back and I can't wait. My timing was all off on the balancing with my period and doing other styles of yoga. Instead I just sat around. No, actually, I've been busy. I've been auditioning and I just had a day on set with Rob Lowe the other day. I have another day on set with him and then I also fly out to Alberta to play a country singer on Heartland. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow I am going to try the new Bikram studio out. If I like it a lot, I can get a yearly membership for $999. That's a huge deal. That's like $83 a month! Even if I just went 2 days a week, that would still be a great deal. I hope I enjoy it there. I went to one class there, and while it was huge, if I can secure a spot near the front of the studio, I should be alright. But if I find it too difficult to snag a spot near the mirrors, then it won't be the studio for me. I just really remember how the heat was good but not overwhelming. I sweat buckets but I didn't get consumed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been four days since I've practiced any sort of yoga. And I'm okay with that. I've been busy in my acting life and that's been keeping the demons at bay. I know, however, that I should be doing my yoga but at the moment I'm seriously enjoying a cup of coffee, a smoothie, writing a blog and all while I'm in my pajamas. And oh yes, I'm listening to the 2nd part of Joel Plaskett's album "Three". It's perfect on a rainy day such as this. Later, I'm meeting my husband to see Star Trek. He's so skeptical since I'm not a Trekkie and I think more than anything he's worried that I'm a real nerd. I was recently watching the documentary Darkon and learned so much about the world of role playing. Afterwards, I went so far as to research the world of role playing in Ontario. I just want to dress up like a Renaissance princess and go to a Faire this summer. Seriously, how fun would that be?! I think it's the actor in me. I'll have to find a friend who's like-minded enough to appreciate the experience.

Now, I think the root of my yoga problem is the transition from Bikram to regular temp styles. I was informed by my earth mother yoga lady, Andrea, that I need to stop doing Bikram/hot yoga a week before my period until it's finish because my blood boils and the outlet for that boiling is through my face in the form of pimples. So I haven't done yoga for 4 days now but I should be. It's only when I have my period that I should stop altogether. Argh. I'll get it right. It's just this initial transition that's disruptive. I don't like disruptions. I think I resort to hermit-like behavior because I don't want to change. But I will. Slowly.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Really, Really Do

My, oh, my. I have survived yoga. Actually, I should have written that yesterday. I felt like I was going to die in class yesterday. It was a 4pm class, the heat was full force and I got stuck in the middle to hottest side of the class. I went to class this morning, however, and felt good/great. I put myself on the cooler side of the room which is definitely my "good side". I was in a better mood too. I hated that my teacher didn't mention me at all during class (ego!) but she tended to my ego today and made me feel much better. I didn't think I was all that susceptible to encouragement or lack thereof. I think, really, more than anything was that I was dehydrated yesterday and I am now fully realizing that afternoon classes are shite for me. I either have to go in the morning or in the evening but not in between. I learned that by reading my dosha (if that's how you say it). My type is a blend between Vata and Pitta. Basically, I'm a blend between hot and cold. So true. I think my blood is "boiling" in the afternoon and a hot, sweaty class is not a good idea.

Tomorrow I might take the day off or I might go try out the new Bikram studio in the St. George area. They're giving out free classes on the weekend. Perhaps I'll give it a whirl. Just when I thought I was done with this studio I'm at right now, my teacher redeemed herself. I truly started to feel like she was alienating me for whatever reason. She always mentions how pretty I am. I get so aggravated by that because life to me isn't about that. I wonder where she's coming from when she makes these comments. I think, is it the same as our friend Lorette who out and out insulted me? Or is she truly fascinated by my "beauty"? The vibe I got today is that she was testing me as to how obsessed with my own beauty I actually am. She was surprised by my lack of interest in the subject. That's why it felt like a test, like she really wanted to see how shallow I am. I think she's only now starting to realize that I could give a shit about looks. I really want to tap into something bigger. Of course, I am doing my yoga to stay in shape but it's twofold. I want, more than to stay in shape, to tap into God, the universe, the life force in us all. Yes, I can be in my own world and not appear to care about such things, but it's merely because I'm shy. I really do care.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Wow. What a difference in my flexibility from morning to afternoon. Today I went to the 6pm class. I'm soooo much more flexible in the afternoon. It made me feel good about myself and the progress I've made in my yoga. When you go to morning classes, it's all about accepting the stiffness and the feeling that you're really not all that good. But when I need a pick me up, I will most certainly go to an afternoon/evening class. I really notice my progress from day 1 in a later class. I always used to take classes later in the day. Now that I know the benefit of early classes, I don't have the satisfaction of being as flexible. But just when I feel bad about my progress, I will from now on go to a later class.

The hardest pose for me, right now, is standing head to knee. Just when I thought I was really getting it, I realized that I'm jamming my leg too far back into my hip. Now, I'm working on using my strength to get my leg out of my socket and more out front. Definitely harder and it requires more strength. Good. I like that. It means my work is never done. There's always something to tweak. It means class will never be too easy. If it gets too easy then it's time to find something more challenging. I don't really ever want to stop Bikram so I'm happy to know it's going to be difficult for a long time, and maybe forever. One thing I've come to realize, based on what my teachers have said, you have to work just as hard if not harder as you get older. So, it will always require a hearty effort, no matter how long I do it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lotsa Tidbits

I was so worn out after a 9am class yesterday, followed by a stressful audition and then work at the restaurant. One thing I've come to discover is that my lower back gets extremely tight and sore after a shift at work. I guess my body is stacked on top of itself for over 4 hours, at least, without any sitting down. If it's busy, then forget about it. I must do bizarre things to my back as well while I'm working, other than just standing and walking for a lengthy period of time. I can never get over how painful and stiff it is to bend over in Half Moon. Or I guess that's technically a forward bend. What's that called again? I'll have to look it up.

Anyways, I've really been enjoying waking up and going straight to class. My body is weak, sore, stiff, you name it. But the feeling of stretching my body when it is least capable of stretching feels SO good.

One thing I keep noting is that I'm more flexible later in the day when I go to an afternoon/evening class. Well, of course I am. Everyone is. Now, by going to morning classes, I am most likely even MORE flexible if I were to go back to an afternoon/evening class. Some day I will double up and see what I'm like in the afternoon.

Another interesting thing worth noting is that since I haven't had any alcohol in over a week (minus 1 half pint of beer last Friday), I have been more regular. Yes, that kind of regular. The less alcohol in me, the more hydrated I am. Obviously, that makes total sense but I'm really seeing a difference. When I did the 30-day challenge back in January, I noticed the same thing. I was drinking a ton of water and hardly any alcohol. And if I did, it was in moderation and never to the point where I got drunk. It's also better on my moods. I don't swing so much since there's less sugar in my body. I have had a craving for food rather than alcohol too. I think that's natural as well. I'm enjoying a fruit smoothie with a Vega smoothie mix in it. The mix is a raw, vegan blend with greens and Omegas and protein. I put a banana, 2 mangos and an orange in the blender with the mix and 1 cup of water. Delicious!

Tomorrow, I think I'll go to the 6pm class. It'll be sort of in between Wednesday and Thursday since I might have to miss class on Thursday due to the Ayurvedic facial. I might stink of oils and whatnot and I know how sensitive my teacher is. She made a little-big deal of someone's perfume that I couldn't even smell and I'm pretty sensitive.

Anyways, that's that for today. A good, moderately strong class with not a lot of flexibility. I was pretty zen throughout. I like going and love the feeling afterwards even more.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Muy Difficult

Today was muy difficult. I had a headache all through class and was ready to walk out at Half Moon. I'd say that's a pretty pathetic start. But I am really proud of myself for surviving. It was hard. I even got nauseous at one point during floor poses. My muscles are terribly strained/weak/tired. I don't know why. It's just been like this the last two classes. Maybe it's the food I'm eating, or not eating.

I noticed the other day (Tuesday I think), my sweat smelled really badly of ammonia. It was gross, actually, how bad my towel smelled that day and a couple days later when I put it in the washing machine. Apparently, according to the research I did online, my body starting breaking down my amino acids (proteins/muscles) in order to get glucose because there were apparently no carbohydrates left in my system. The general consensus online is that your body breaks down amino acids to get the glucose, then the body is left with nitrogen. If the kidney can't process all of it, it leaves the body smelling like ammonia. So, I guess the solution is to have an apple or in my case today, a candy, before class. I didn't smell like ammonia today or yesterday. Carbs are good for my body type no matter what the current view of carbs is, i.e. Atkins Diet. In fact, I had a late night bowl of pasta last night knowing that I had a class in the morning. Maybe that's why I love pasta so much?

Regardless, I really feel the need to go to a nutritionist. I would love for someone to look at my body and say, "Okay, this is exactly what you need for the type of lifestyle that you lead." (I rhymed!) I feel like I'm the worst eater in the world or is that just a label I put on myself? It's a sure thing that I should stop putting labels on everything that I do. I'm much too critical.

Anyways, I'm glad I'm on a roll with yoga. All it takes for me is two good days in a row and I feel like I can keep going. Tomorrow I'm going to the 11am class. Monday, though, I have to drag my arse out of bed again for a 9am class. I must stop seeing it as negative and see it as positive! I'm changing that schedule I was talking about yesterday. It's time to put my life into focus for my series. The yoga is keeping/making me healthy in order to maintain a rigorous schedule when we start shooting.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Did!

I was there at 9am. It was difficult, fer sure, but I made it and I felt great, as I knew I would. I took it pretty easy on myself since it was so early and I didn't have much energy. My muscles were a tad weak too. I am hoping maybe to get a regimen of the three 9am classes and the two 12pm Bikram classes going. I know I always feel better and accomplish more afterwards once I have started my day with yoga. It's not that hard to not have my coffee. It's an amazing reward afterwards too. Tomorrow I am going to the 11am class and on Sunday as well. If I set out all of my gear the night before, sleep until about 20 minutes before having to leave, drink a 16oz. glass of water, then I feel good to go. I could maybe afford to have a candy or something to give me a fast carb boost. But if I do it that way, then I don't feel the desire to drink my coffee before I head to class. It'll basically leave me no time to make or drink it. I'll try that out and see what happens.

I had done the dosha questionnaire associated with my Ayurvedic facial that I'm getting next week ( It is simply a set of questions designed to figure out your Ayurvedic personality type. I am most definitely a Vata. And the test results indicated that my best time of day to exercise is early in the morning (6-10am) and the worst is between 2-6pm (when I usually practice yoga). It also said my day should end around 10pm. I agree with all of that. I just love to sleep so much and drink coffee, so much, that I generally don't start and end my day early. Time to change all that, especially when I start shooting my series. I will have very early days. I'm just wondering when I'll be able to fit in my practice when I have such long and early days. I'll probably have to downsize and simply do what I can and when I can. I'm pretty sure the biggest lesson I can teach myself is to stop beating myself up so much. Combined with that, though, I must DO. By "do", I mean, I can't not beat myself up AND sit on my arse at the same time. I must try to do my best. If I don't accomplish that task, then I can't beat myself up.