Sunday, September 27, 2009

Internal Yoga

I haven't been to yoga class in over 3 weeks. It's hurting my soul fer sure. I have begun shooting my series and I seem to break out in the initial stages of returning to hot yoga. So for the next 7-8 weeks I will be refraining from class. However, I need to do stretches and/or exercise of some kind. My body is starting to tense up and be tighter than a drum. Thankfully I get acupuncture every week or two. Along with that comes energy clearing, crystal healing, chakra clearing, etc. That helps.

I find I'm still on my path, my journey still. I don't feel so bad as I have in the past from all this sitting around. I suppose it's because I have steady income and a fun job so I am satisfied in many ways that I normally wasn't in the past. Yoga is still with me but in a different way at the moment.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm at odds. To do Bikram, in my case, means having a bad case of pimples when I haven't done it for a while and then takes a few weeks to go down once I get a regular practice going. Now that my series is starting shooting, I've had a bad case of the pimpl-ees and I'm not very inclined towards doing Bikram until the series is done. That sucks. For having a year pass, that really sucks because I'm basically blowing two months.

However, once I'm done with the series, I plan on jumping in full force and getting a regular practice going.