Monday, August 10, 2009


I had a difficult class yesterday. However, I'm always proud of myself for making it through to the end. I always do, even if I have to sit a pose out or drink a little more water than usual. I made it and I can be proud of that. I was especially dehydrated yesterday and hadn't really eaten properly so naturally it was difficult.

I am noticing more and more that my legs are taking the Bikram shape. I love it! Though I am going on vacation for a week, I will continue to pull up on my knee caps, tighten my glutes and push my hips forward to keep my muscles in shape there. I love strong, Bikram legs. They're beautiful and they look like you couldn't shake them if you tried. My upper body is also nice and lean, especially my shoulders. The one thing I think lacks in Bikram practitioners is a shapely upper body and abs. It's a matter of tightening those muscles just like we do when constantly pull up on our knee caps. I think Bikram practitioners are so mindful of the thighs that they forget to constantly be flexing the abs. I will, from now on, be mindful of my abs. I have started to already and have noticed a difference.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Keepin' Up

I had a great class yesterday. I want to go to another class today but I have my niece here and I have a nagging feeling that it's rude to leave her by herself with nothing to do. Yesterday's class had a fantastic teacher. She really is encouraging and pushes us to go to our limits. I certainly pushed myself. I aspire to her physique though I know I have a completely different build than her. However, I hope to have a mini version of her body. It's getting there. I also find that classes are spiritually fulfilling with such a vast classroom and change room. There's something about the aesthetics there that make it peaceful and "spa-like" as another student said. My head clears when I'm there. I also like it when I get into a steady rythym and go frequently. Tomorrow, I'll go.

Monday, August 3, 2009

On Again, Off Again

I have gone back after a week and a half and of course, it hurt. I got a low-grade, probably detoxifying, headache last night. I tried to withstand it but buckled and took a regular ibuprofen before going to sleep. I then slept 11 hours. I couldn't believe it! I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 9:30am. I must have needed it.

Yesterday's class was awesome as usual despite it hurting. I'm not a huge fan of practicing at the back of the room but I do. What outweighs that is that I don't like feeling people's eyes on my back when I'm at the front. This way I blend in and practice at my own pace and the teacher also doesn't expect much out of me if I'm way in the back. By Triangle pose, I was wiped yesterday. My mid-lower back is definitely my weakest set of muscles as they tend to ache, almost unbearably, by the time Eagle pose is happening. I can't wait to have a strong back. I am noticing though, that my thigh muscles are really bulging lately. I like that. They're not bulging in a grotesque way, they're just looking sculpted. I'm finally pushing my legs and bum forward properly. I love Bikram instructors' legs/bums. I am starting to see myself in their place. I think, if I ever have to take on a day job again, or decide to do something else to make money, I will become a Bikram instructor. That's years and years down the road. of course. In the meantime, I'm going to become a hard-working, well-known actress who practices Bikram yoga on such a regular basis that she should be an instructor.

Today I hope to get a 4pm class. Might as well stay on the wagon until I go on vacation in a week and a half and fall off the wagon for another week.