Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 27

I'm writing pre-class. I'm at Day 27 today and I'm ready for one day off. I can do the class alright but I don't wanna :) I wanted a cup of coffee today so bad not because I needed it but because I wanted it. However, it works against hydration so I thought better of it and resisted. I knew I would regret it during class and thankfully I can instantly draw to mind the feelings that "mid-class" conjure up. Today I could have kept sleeping for a long time but really, who enjoys that day in and day out? After a while, I just start feeling lazy. I'm not doing anything these days except the occasional audition and hot yoga every day. At least I've got the yoga to give me some direction in life. It is a life of leisure indeed but I don't think that's healthy for long periods of time. Perhaps I can look at it as I time of rejuvenation instead of constantly beating myself up. I would like to volunteer my services to doing charitable works but I don't where I should direct my energies. I think my church would be a good place to start because at least I would have an anchor of some kind. Anyways, those are my thoughts today pre-class -- scattered and lacking drive :)

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