Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 20

Things are looking good. I have made it successfully to Day 20 and the only thing bugging me is my IT band on left leg. I know the reason why (city walking) which makes for even less concern.

I love yoga. Bikram's yoga, to be specific. I feel really healthy and happy. I go through mood swings, sure, but that would happen anyways. I haven't taken any of my Chinese herbs today but I'm still feeling good. I suppose I should get back on those. They're just so tedious. I also just realized that I need to take my skin medication. Oops.

I'm feeling nice and strong and even limber in class. I have increased my flexibility in my lower back and hamstrings which -- you have no idea -- is so damn satisfying however minute a visible difference. I can feel the difference and I think you can see the difference. I'm grabbing my heels in forward bend and my strength is greater in my ankles and legs (and fingers) to be able to hold it longer. Each class I am able to hold poses for a little bit longer and a little bit longer and so on and so forth. I'm building a nice strong foundation for a lifetime of yoga. As I try to figure out if I will get a year membership or tri-monthly membership in June, I realize I need to just pay up so that I will always need to attend class; give myself no choice.

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