Friday, February 12, 2010

RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili

I am so damn lazy today. I have on the Olympic pre-schtuff and some lentils and rice on the stove. I've got the USA Yoga Cup on live feed too. But I can't seem to motivate my ass to get to class. I will go to either the 6pm or the 8pm but not my usual 4pm. I have been a bit defeated each class because when I get to awkward pose, I am weak in my thigh muscles, particularly my quads. Why is that? Is it the skin medication I'm on? Is it because I sit around on my arse all day? Is it because I get too much sleep? Do I not drink enough water? What's the deal? Or could it be because I've been going to yoga for about 16 days in row (with one day off)? I dunno. I won't give up, that is for certain. I am quite enjoying myself and always feel amazing after class.

The most difficult part of my class is the decision to drink water or not to drink water. It's only 90 minutes. We are encouraged not to drink water. The difference I have noticed when I do drink water is that I get out of breath rather quickly and mess up my rhythm. Drinking water brings a temporary relief but usually disrupts the flow.

At this paragraph, it has been released that a luge competitor at the Olympics died tragically while training. It reminds me that life is precious but that one should never live in fear. This athlete died heroically, doing what most other people would never dare to do. Rest in Peace, Nodar Kumaritashvili.

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