Saturday, January 30, 2010


I made it to Day 5 and it was great. I'm getting tested newly every day. Today, it was my patience. I picked the third row before it got crowded in the room. Unfortunately, for poor little me, it got insanely crowded and I was blocked by two people and could hardly see myself in the mirror. It turned out to be a great class though. I was limber and while still a little weak in the thighs I made it strongly through each pose. I have reached a place in my practice thus far where I can turn off my brain and just focus on the work and how wonderful my body feels. When I get panicky, I breathe. That's the best advice I could ever pass along. BREATHE. And it must be with the mouth closed or else, as the teachers say, it will fire up the fight or flight instinct once the mouth opens and the breathing happens from there. BREATHE. I can't wait for tomorrow's class. I have to get on the hydration thing or else I will regret tomorrow's class however.

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