Friday, August 7, 2009

Keepin' Up

I had a great class yesterday. I want to go to another class today but I have my niece here and I have a nagging feeling that it's rude to leave her by herself with nothing to do. Yesterday's class had a fantastic teacher. She really is encouraging and pushes us to go to our limits. I certainly pushed myself. I aspire to her physique though I know I have a completely different build than her. However, I hope to have a mini version of her body. It's getting there. I also find that classes are spiritually fulfilling with such a vast classroom and change room. There's something about the aesthetics there that make it peaceful and "spa-like" as another student said. My head clears when I'm there. I also like it when I get into a steady rythym and go frequently. Tomorrow, I'll go.

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